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Re: env command and case sensitivity

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 09:52:21AM -0500, Jerry Heyman wrote:
>I've got an user who is complaining that the env.exe
>distributed with the commercial version of GNUpro (1.0)
>is always showing their environment variables in uppercase.
>No, they're not running inside of the GNUpro provided bash -
>but from a previous version of bash that we use (problem also
>exists in CMD shell).  I've confirmed that env.exe returns 
>uppercase version of the variable, and that the version of bash 
>is actually using it as a mixed case.
>I'm assuming that the issue has to do with the run-time
>environment as stepping through the env.exe with gdb shows that
>things are already wrong when the program initially accesses
>Aside from upgrading GNUpro or using the supplied version of bash,
>are there any clues as to why the initial load of *envp is all
>set to uppercase??
>Been through the faq, google, and the email archive - but either
>I've missed it or the problem has not been addressed.

Cygwin uppercases the environment if it is run from a Windows command
shell but leaves it alone if a program is invoked via another cygwin
process.  So, the behavior you're reporting is cygwin working as
designed.  Cygwin has worked like this for years.

Btw, there is no such thing as a GNUpro 1.0 release.  If you are
referring to the Cygwin CD that was released two years ago, then that
was not a GNUpro release.  That was just a boxed product version of
cygwin sold for less than $100.

Red Hat's GNUpro offerings come with support.  The Cygwin CD had only
installation support.


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