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BUGREPORT: Problem with automake/autoconf scripts


I have found a problem with the automake and autoconf scripts installed
in /usr/bin for switching between the DEVEL and STABLE versions of
automake and autoconf.

The bug leads to breaking automake or aclocal on scripts where some
text follows the AC_PREREQ line (like, for instance, in the DDD 
configuration script).

In Detail: automake allows a line like
where some text follows the closing parenthesis after the version number.
The trailing text is not correctly eliminated by the SED script
which extracts the version number in the automake/autoconf scripts

For correcting the bug, replace the following line:
VER=`sed -n -e '/AC_PREREQ/s/[^(]*(\([[:digit:]\.]*\))/\1/p' < $infile`
with the corrected line:
VER=`sed -n -e '/AC_PREREQ/s/[^(]*(\([[:digit:]\.]*\)).*$/\1/p' < $infile`

in all autoconf/automake scripts:
aclocal autoheader autoreconf autoupdate autoconf automake autoscan ifnames

corrected versions of these scripts are in the attached tarfile.


DI Martin Oberhuber      
Senior Software Engineer           Phone  (UTC +1h): +43 (662) 457915-85
Wind River Systems (Salzburg) GmbH              Fax: +43 (662) 457915-6
Jakob-Haringer-Str.8, A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
----------------------- How Smart Things Think -------------------------

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