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Re: broken "src" archives f. cygwin-1.3.6-5.src (was: cygwin-1.3.6-5 released)

Hi Gerrit,

Here is my reply mostly in english.

On 9 Dec 01, at 12:29, Gerrit P. Haase @ cygwin wrote:

> Hallo Urs,
> Am 2001-12-08 um 13:57 schriebst du:

Aha da spricht jemand Deutsch ;-). But I guess english will do for this conversation.
> > I have just tried downloading the src archives for cygwin-1.3.6-5
> > on three different mirrors and all three said that the file ends
> > unexpectedly when checked with "bzip2 -t -v
> > cygwin-1.3.6-5.src.tar.bz2"
> > Is this purely a mirror issue or is it a case of the original
> > being corrupt?
> None of these two possibilities.
> >
> > win/
> I fetched the same package here yesterday and installed it, and it
> installs ok and is already running.

I am dowloading version "1.3.6-6". And just judging by the file-size it bears more hope. 
Did you notice I talked about the "src" package specifically yesterday? The binary of "1.3.6-5" 
did download here too, and install and run fine. It's just the "src" which was too short. On at 
least four mirrors it was only 1.84MB for the src pkg. Now the new version gives me about 
3.7MB for the "src" which is still the smallest "src.tar.bz2" of all releases since "1.3.2-1" - 
"1.3.6", but it is considerablyu bigger than the "1.3.6-5" src pkg @ 1.84MB.
And YES 1.3.6-6 "src" pkg is complete (at least it doesn't fail the "bzip2" test) .


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