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how to resolve "Connection reset by peer" from client side?

I falled in the "Connection reset by peer" Windows bug (see
+          /* A bug in the Windows TCP/IP implementation, which is not
+             yet worked around in Cygwin (such a workaround is very
+             difficult), causes the goodbye message to be lost if the
+             process sending it exits before it's read by the other
+             end.  Since this message doesn't contain any useful
+             information anyway, it is safe for us to just not read it
+             to avoid this problem. */

I don't want modify the server side of amanda242p2. I inserted a "sleep
60;" after the socket "close" to permit the goodbye message flush. It
seems to work but it's awfull. Have you any idea?

P.s. Corinna, I apologize for the last bad post :-). I have no urls, but
I'm looking for. Thanks for your great job.

Many thanks

Dr. Enrico Bernardini
System Administrator

Servizio Sistema Bibliotecario
Universita' di Pisa

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