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Re: cvs pserver authentication frustration

Geoff Soutter wrote:

> I have consulted google and the mailing list archives in order to find a
> solution. I see people have asked similar questions before but never
> recieved a reply.

Not entirely true. I have replied on occaision, but I get tired of 
answering the same question over and over.  The content of those replies 
was: "I have not tested pserver functionality.  AFAIK, pserver does not 
work on cygwin.  If you manage to get it to work, please post to the 
list how you did that,including configury and patches (if needed)"

I believe that cvs in pserver server mode will have problems with 
switching user context; I have added no windows-specific code to enable 
seteuid() to work, so I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't work. 
Patches gratefully accepted.

Or, you could get sshd working, and use CVS_RSH=ssh on the remote 
machine...and then *cvs* would be run as a local process on the 
repository host; ssh would handle the network stuff.

> I've tried all kinds of authentication options: for example, I tried using a
> real nt user, and creating users in CVSROOT/passwd. Neither options worked,
> even when I used blank passwords. The FTP server authentication works ok, so
> its not my system setup, presumably.
> Has anyone got CVS pserver working under cygwin? Any hints for how to get
> the authentication working? Or, perhaps it's known to be broken?

"Known to be broken" is probably the closest description.


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