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cvs pserver authentication frustration

Hi there,

I've just spent a day mucking around with CVS pserver mode under cvywin
trying to get it to work. I succeeded in getting inetd set up, and getting
CVS running under it.

(I added this to inetd.conf

cvspserver stream  tcp  nowait  root    /bin/cvs
cvs -f --allow-root=<directory name> pserver

and I added this to C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\services

cvspserver       2401/tcp)

However, I can't seem to get the authentication to work.

I always get the following message:

cvs login: authorization failed: server devserver rejected access to
<directory name> for user <user>

I have consulted google and the mailing list archives in order to find a
solution. I see people have asked similar questions before but never
recieved a reply.

I've tried all kinds of authentication options: for example, I tried using a
real nt user, and creating users in CVSROOT/passwd. Neither options worked,
even when I used blank passwords. The FTP server authentication works ok, so
its not my system setup, presumably.

Has anyone got CVS pserver working under cygwin? Any hints for how to get
the authentication working? Or, perhaps it's known to be broken?



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