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Re: file ownership incorretly displayed

At 03:07 PM 12/9/2001, Gene C. Ruzicka wrote:
>it seems that file ownership is often not displayed correctly.  for example,
>i'm user1 and i type "ls -l" in directory /home , the system says that ALL
>directories belong to user1 .  note that user1 need NOT be an administrator.
>cygwin seems to obey the access permissions consistent with the correct
>ownership.  for example, user1 can't cd into the directory /home/user2 even
>though the ls command says that that directory belongs to user1.
>what explains this behavior? is it a bug or some peculiarity of the

You might want to review the FAQ and the User's Guide on permissions, etc.
If you still have a question then, send it to the list with details on
what you're doing, what you're seeing, what you think it wrong, and the
output of cygcheck -s -r -v.

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