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Re: mkdir under Win98

By checking my script, I have just realized that
the strange behaviour comes from somewhereelse:

let us assume that dummy.tar.gz is an archive file of the directory
if I do under Win98:
1] mkdir -p dum
2] ln -s dum dummy
3] tar -zvxf FOO/dummy.tar.gz

then the directory dum is removed.

The step 3] worked fine a few months ago.

To quickly fix it, I do:
3p] tar -kzvxf FOO/dummy.tar.gz

Did I miss something ?

Thanks inadvance,

Jerome BENOIT wrote:
> Bonjour:
> It seems that `mkdir' behaves strngely under Win98:
> 1] it works fine when the command is typed onlie;
> 2] sometimes it doesn't work when it is used in a (bash) script.
> Please note that cygwin installation is uptodate.
> Any idea ?
> Thanks,
> Jerome BENOIT
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