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lists, reply-to (was: experimental texmf packages)

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On Sat, 8 Dec 2001 13:17:26 +0100 Gerrit P Haase wrote:

Gerrit> I would prefer if the listserver would manage this and rewrite
Gerrit> the Reply-To Header regardless who is writing, so it points
Gerrit> always to the list.

That is not what reply-to is intended for.

Gerrit> A simple ctrl-r is enough then (with my mailer), and the reply
Gerrit> goes only to the list, now if I want to reply to the list I
Gerrit> need to change the adress everytime I want this (besides the
Gerrit> few who have cygwin@cygwin as reply-to header like corinna or
Gerrit> chris).

Ha, you do a reply (r/R/whatever) to get back to the author or an
*followup* (f/F/...) to get back to the list:)) So check your mailer
how to do a followup...

Ok, I see you guys want to avoid to get private responses. I don't
[1], sometimes that is exactly what I want.

Yes, I understand that many people don't know how to handle their
mailers (no offense), and some mailers are crappy in that respect, but
setting reply-to in listbots generates at least as much confusion as
it helps.

Suggestion: You could filter the different cygwin-mls into different
folders (you probably do that already) and then tell your MUA to set
your *individual* reply-to depending on the folder you are in. [2]


[1]  I know, I get way less replys from the cygwin lists and then they
     are intended for me, not the list, whereas some of you guys have
     to suffer from people that think an individual is of more help
     than the list (that individual is actually reading:).
[2]  I can tell you how to do that in Gnus, but I assume that many
     mailers do have similar functionality by now.
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