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login and ssh: can't authenticate

Yes, I have read everything in /usr/doc/Cygwin, and searched this
mailing list, and read all of Corinna's well-written posts, and yet
login and ssh refuse to log me in.

My /etc/passwd looks very similar to the examples in
/usr/doc/Cygwin/login.README and /usr/doc/Cygwin/openssh-3.0.1p1-2.README.
My CYGWIN is set to 'ntsec'.  I'm using all the latest packages as of
the writing of this e-mail.  I've been at this for about a day now.

Here are all the details.

As you can see, sshd is running, and it does accept connections:

     1392      1    1392       1392    ?   18 15:07:57 /usr/sbin/sshd

Here is my entry in /etc/passwds, somewhat censored:

ryans:unused_by_nt/2000/xp:18:10513:Ryan T.

Now, my UID is 18 so that I could get cron working
although I have tried all sorts of numbers in there, including the
default one that mkpasswd generated.

The relevent bits from my cygcheck -s are:

CYGWIN = `ntsec'

    Cygwin DLL version info:
        DLL version: 1.3.6
        DLL epoch: 19
        DLL bad signal mask: 19005
        DLL malloc env: 28
        API major: 0
        API minor: 47
        Shared data: 3
        DLL identifier: cygwin1
        Mount registry: 2
        Cygnus registry name: Cygnus Solutions
        Cygwin registry name: Cygwin
        Program options name: Program Options
        Cygwin mount registry name: mounts v2
        Cygdrive flags: cygdrive flags
        Cygdrive prefix: cygdrive prefix
        Cygdrive default prefix:
        Build date: Fri Dec 7 00:15:11 EST 2001
        CVS tag: cygwin-1-3-6-5
        Shared id: cygwin1S3

login               1.4-2
openssh             3.0.1p1-2

Now, I am an "Administrator" on this machine... is that "good enough"?
(I'm totally clueless about Win NT/2K 'security'...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ryan T. Sammartino (
I want to reach your mind -- where is it currently located?

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