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bash/rlogin can get user id different from NT login.

	Consider the following  passwd under cygwin: (1.3.)


	Note that user1 and user2 two have the same UID. (!)
If I log in  to W2000 as user2, and start bash, it thinks that I am user1.
If user1 was silly enough to 

myhosthame  user1     
     or god forbid 
+ user1 

in a Unix .rhosts file, I will have access to that account. 

I'm guessing that bash does something like:

Find my Windows ID      (answer  user2) .
Look that ID up in passwd and get the UID. ( answer 1001)
Look that UID up in the Passwd file, and 	get my cygwin ID   ( answer

If I run rlogin, cygwin happily tells Unix that I am in fact user1, which I
am not.

I suppose that the simple answer is "don't do that!". You have to keep
passwd under control. But, shouldn't cygwin be able to directly use my
windows login id from step 1? Why map it (twice?) through the passwd file? 


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