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Re: Autotools

Stephano Mariani wrote:
> With the release of the new autotools build system I was under the
> impression that with libtool, automake supported building dlls under cygwin.

wrong impression.  It isn't ready yet.  Automake and autoconf are fine,
but I haven't finished the system libtool changes necessary, yet.

> I seem not to be able to do this, no dlls are produced and
> despite --disable-static, I get .a & .la. I am able to build dlls manually
> perfectly, and yet cannot do this using with automake??

libtool is a strange beast.  Ordinarily, libtoolized packages create
their own copy of libtool during the configure process, and it is based
on the version of libtool that was used by the upstream maintainers to
'libtoolize' it.  *Ordinarily*, you don't even USE the system libtool.

ONCE cygwin has a working system libtool, then you still need to do the
following (for each package that you want to build DLLs from):
  a) delete a number of files in the source tree
  b) run the system libtoolize script to 're-libtoolize' the package
using cygwin's version
  c) THEN configure and build as normal

Long term, it is hoped that the cygwin-specific changes to libtool will
get pushed into the REAL libtool, and then we can start pestering the
maintainers of various packages (not the cygwin package maintainers, but
those guys higher up the foodchain) to relibtoolize using the (then)
current libtool.

At that point, then, stuff will dllize OOB on cygwin.

But we ain't there yet.  We ain't even close.


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