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creating shortcuts.. question

I'm using the CreateLink example from the platform sdk but I'm having
trouble getting it to work. I checked the archives and there were three
posts related to this but not enough to help me, I need some clarification
on one of them too.

I've made a short example of where I'm left running into trouble -- this is
run against the latest cygwin for windows as I've just upgraded it with
setup again this morning.

#include <windows.h>
#include <shlobj.h>

int main() {

     IShellLink* psl;



gcc conf1.c -o conf1 -lshell32
conf1.c: In function 'main':
conf1.c:8: structure has no member named 'SetPath'
conf1.c:9: structure has no member named 'SetDescription'

I checked the include files and they do show STDMETHOD wrappers within the
IShellLinkA and IShellLinkW structures. I compiled with -save-temps as well
and they show up in the conf1.i file as follows:

 HRESULT(__attribute__((__stdcall__))   * Resolve ) (IShellLinkA  *,
 HRESULT(__attribute__((__stdcall__))   * SetPath ) (IShellLinkA  *,

Does everything look correct? I realize the above C example won't do
anything functional however I'm confused as to whats causing it to fail

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