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why does cygwin default security setup give EVERYONE access everywhere?

my pc uses windows 2000 professional, and my cygwin folder is 
C:\cygwin . i've been looking into giving co-workers access to 
the cygwin setup on my pc, but i've noticed something strange: 
it seems that the default security setup allows EVERYONE full
access to the cygwin folder and all subfolders.  but i certainly
don't want any user on my pc to have this sort of access, and
to prevent that from happening, i'm going to have to rework
the cygwin profiling.  i'm something of a pc newbie, and it's
been rather painful sorting out just how to specify the
security settings appropriately.

it seems to me that it would have made far more sense to make
the cygwin files have the same security profile(s) as any other
file that happens to get installed on the system.  that way, 
it would be easy for me simply specify that any user would have
full access to his own directories/subfolders, but only read/execute
access to cygwin software, and no access whatsoever to the
folders of another user.

question: what was the reason for giving EVERYONE full access to
the cygwin folder and everything in it?

btw, i'll shortly be making another post regarding organizing user
files that's partially related to this post.


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