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Re: install question

I have some ideas about how our government should do things. I also have 
ideas about how we should have 4 day workweeks and get paid the same.

What kind of ideas were you looking for? I could probably have an idea 
about anything if you told me something more specific.

Like if you wanted me to offer an idea about what I thought would help 
you install cygwin, maybe you could tell the list the steps that you 
took to install (from the beginning when you went to and 
when you get the error message, and what the error message says. Then I 
might have an idea about what the problem could be, or even ideas that 
might help fix the problem. And there might be other people on the list 
with ideas, too. Just think of all the help you could get if you told us 
what your problem was.

Full of ideas,

Gebbia, Joseph (Joey), NPONS wrote:

> Hi,
> I tried to install cygwin and I keep getting a error message. I am running
> win2k, any ideas
> thanks in advance
> Joey Gebbia, NPONS 
> AT&T Network Services
> office: 732.885.7798
> pager: 1.800.258.0000 pin: 9116474
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