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Re: cygwin 1.3.6-3 and xemacs

Christopher Faylor wrote:

>>>There has also been some confusion in the cygwin mailing list with another
>>>problem to do with file completion in bash: see
>>> . Fixing the
>>>shell file completion problem has NOT fixed the xemacs problem (although
>>>Christopher Faylor's thinking that it it might was not unreasonable).
>>I don't think I mentioned that I thought it would fix xemacs.

No, somebody on the xemcs list said "cygwin-xxxx fixes this other 
problem in bash related to cygdrive.  MAYBE it also fixes our xemacs 
problem which is related to cygdrive.  Can somebody check?"

And somebody DID check -- and reported "Nope, doesn't fix it"

End of story.

>>Someone should actually *debug the problem*.
> Ah.  Nevermind.  I thought you were referring to my 1.3.6-4 announcement.
> The shell file completion fix was in 1.3.6-4.
> You see, someone gave me enough information to actually duplicate the
> problem myself.  Sadly, I have no interest whatsoever in Xemacs, so
> providing instructions on how to duplicate a problem in Xemacs is not
> going to help me much since I don't have Xemacs installed.

I think that debugging is ongoing right now.  (But cygwin IS a moving 
target; you can't blame folks for *hoping* that the fix for problem A 
will also nail problem B...and delaying their debug efforts until after 
they get the new kernel with the A-fix.


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