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Re: experimental texmf packages

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

> Charles Wilson <> writes:
>>>different naming convention, ie foo-1.1-cyg.tar.gz?
>>probably too late -- non-maintainers who want to build it personally
>>should just download and follow the instructions.
> Hmm, that sounds awfully unscriptable :-) Am I the only non-maintainer
> that uses a script?

You're in bsd-ports "make world" mode, I see.  I don't think that is a 
goal, yet.  *OUR* concern is "make cygwin work".  Cross environments are 
nice -- but do you really need a cygwin-target man.exe in your cross 
environment? (no, you don't -- unless you're the man maintainer and are 
building the man package for official distribution).  Cross environments 
really only need the devel tools, and the libraries.

> Now for something constructive.  What if I fix my scripts to do the
> new convention, and we run that over the archive to rebuild everything?

Be my guest...but remember those "corner cases" I mentioned?  square 
peg, round hole?  Go back and read the other thread for some of the 
examples.  It is my contention that some (many?) of our ports are not 
yet ready for autobuilding. (cf. jpeg, ncurses, readline, gettext, ...) 
  It's going to take detailed knowledge of an individual package -- 
either to turn it into a round peg, or custom-develop a script.

Suggestion: pick ONE package. convert it.  present it to the maintainer 
and say "Hey, isn't this cool?  Would you like to package up the next 
official release of XXX this way? I'll help convert your other packages 

And then move on to the next maintainer's packages...


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