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Re: experimental texmf packages

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

> Ok thanks for the pointer.  Is there a script to do the packaging?

yep -- each script contains a script (in some package schemes -- #3, I 
think -- you have to apply the patch FIRST, and then the script is 
created in <srcdir>/CYGWIN-PATCHES/ or something).

>>pop quiz: what are the current configure flags used to build gcc? 
>>Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller? (no, Chris, you're not allowed to answer..)
>    That's easy:
> What do I win?

No, no, no.  Not "What flags does Jan use" but "What flags WERE used to 
build the official cygwin gcc package".  (Hint: only cgf knows for sure)

> Ok.  Although my scripts have run a bit out of hand, my autobuilds run
> rather well now.  They will only get simpler when packages are
> packaged more cleanly.

Mine too.

> Ok.  So you're still aiming for a lot less ambitious target.  This
> just means that I'll have to hack up some scripts to do cross
> building, as none of them will support it.  

Yep -- you'll have to edit the line where it says "host=i686-pc-cygwin" 
and change it to something appropriate.

> Anyway, documentation in
> the form of a script is a very good start, I guess.
> Ok, I didn't know that.  Feb 1999 I sent this mail:


> Sure, but it was skipped over when I announced it, ie b20 was current,
> too.

Ah, but back in b20 days we didn't HAVE package-based distribution. 
Everything was all in one "full.exe" 21MB download. There was no way for 
a non-core developer to add something like "rpm" to the distro back then 
-- it just wasn't possible.  A lot of things have changed in 3 years.


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