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Re: cygwin 1.3.6-3 and xemacs


I've had the same problem as Ryan, and I have had to roll back to cygwin
1.3.5 as well. I can tell you that the problem has something to do with
/cygdrive: what I have found is that visiting a file whose path begins
with /cygdrive using C-x C-f, or using "File->Open..." on a directory that
has been mapped to Windows drive where cygwin provides access to the drive
via /cygdrive, does not work.

If you mount a directory to something other than /cygdrive (e.g. directly
underneath /) then it seems OK.

On the Xemacs lists: go to and search in
the page for for 'cygwin'.

There has also been some confusion in the cygwin mailing list with another
problem to do with file completion in bash: see . Fixing the
shell file completion problem has NOT fixed the xemacs problem (although
Christopher Faylor's thinking that it it might was not unreasonable).

I don't know whether the problem is with cygwin or xemacs, but this is an
unfortunate thing to happen to two fantastic software projects that ought
to work seamlessly with each other. I hope that the relevant people on the
cygwin and xemacs teams will put their heads together and figure this out
as quickly as possible.


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