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Re: Debug version of cygwin dll


Thursday, 06 December, 2001 Polley Christopher W wrote:

PCW> Having done the make/make install from my source tree, do I have to repair
PCW> anything now?

just delete the source tree, unpack in again, rebuild in separate

PCW> Where can I find more information on the rationale behind not
PCW> building in the src directory?

in mailing list archives. many people, including core cygwin
developers, find it preferable to make builds in separate directory
not only for cygwin, but for any autoconf-managed package. So,
in-place configure is unmaintained therefore unsupported therefore not
recommended. believe me, building in separate tree makes a _lot_ of
things easier, once you're accustomed to it :)

PCW> Why does the README in the cygwin package say:
>>It is now possible to automatically configure and build a variety of
>>tools with one command.  To build all of the tools contained herein,
>>run the ``configure'' script here, e.g.:
>>       ./configure 
>>       make

PCW> if this is the incorrect way to do it?

because it's not cygwin README. it's generic GNU package README. i
admit that it may be not clear.

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