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Re: cvs/ssh and rsa based authentication

Bjoern Kahl AG Resy schrieb:

> On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Andreas Schorr wrote:
> > Unfortunately the same thing doesn't work, if I login to the
> > same server from a Windows 2000 client using Cygwin.
> > Although I have created another public/secret key pair on
> > the Windows 2000 system and put the public key into the
> > ~/.ssh/autorized_keys file on the cvs server, I'm still asked
> > for my ssh password, each time I send a cvs command or
> > each time I try to login to the server via ssh directly. This
> > happens even if I use the ssh option -i (with which you can
> > specify the path to your secret key directly).
>  Did you enable RSAAuthentication in your ssh *client* ?
>  IIRC cygwins ssh-client has RSAAuthentication disabled by
>  default (because you *need* a password for a full
>  user-context-switch).
>  Try adding "-o RSAAuthentication" to your ssh-client
>  commandline.

Thanks for your suggestion, but it still doesn't work

Andreas Schorr

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