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inetd service issues - cygrunsrv (was: cygrunsrv sshd fails: Some clues)


 >Inetd has been ported many moons before cygrunsrv came to existence.
 >So it has the NT service handling code builtin.

I see. inetd would refuse to start on both my 2k and my XP machine. I have 
resolved this now: I needed c:\cygwin\bin in the PATH, so cygwin1.dll can 
be found by the inetd service. inetd itself apparently looks for it 
somewhere in an 'sbin' (forgot to write down exactly which sbin), and also 
strangely '.'

I wonder whether that PATH entry helps some folks who have trouble with 
sshd as a service? I doubt it though.

 >It's a good question, though. I'm not quite sure if we shouldn't
 >better revert these NT service stuff from inetd and use cygrunsrv
 >to start it. It's way cleaner a solution.

If we're voting, I'm for switching to cygrunsrv. It means you need to 
support only one services handling codebase rather than two. Makes things a 
lot easier.

[still on the issue of sshd]
 >What other people with problems starting these service can try is to
 >add a dependency to another service as e.g. tcpip. This could
 >positively influence the load order of the services. Perhaps they are
 >just started too early.

That might well be, yes.


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