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PGPLOT installation


I just installed pgplot on cygwin/XFree86,
so I'd like to report what happened.

First of all, the pgplot installation is very easy
with XFree86 setup. The info in the web page linked
from "PGPlot5.2" in the cygwin "Software" web page
is outdated, and there is no help other than confusion.
(That is with cygwin b20.1 and egcs-1.1.2 and in March 1999.)

If you have cygwin/XFree86 installed, you only need to
get a PGPLOT package from the PGPLOT site .
Follow the instruction. Nothing else is needed.

The following is what I did step-by-step. My system is
Windows 2000. Your need might be different from mine,
then adjust the steps to your own.

1. Download a PGPLOT package from the above PGPLOT site.
   "Installation" ==> "Installation instructions".
   Download a copy of pgplot5.2.tar.gz , and un-tar it
   in any directory. I did it in /tmp .
   It creates a directory "pgplot" in /tmp and expands
   the files under it.

   tar xvzf pgplot5.2.tar.gz

2. Create a new target directory where you want to have
   the pgplot library etc. I made the directory as

3. Copy the file "drivers.list" from /tmp/pgplot to
   /usr/local/pgplot . Edit drivers.list in /usr/local/pgplot .

   Remove comment-outs for all the devices you need.
   In my case, I choose NULL (NUDRIV), Color PS (four of
   PSDRIV), and X Windows (two of XWDRIV) to be uncommented.

4. In /usr/local/pgplot, type as follows. It will create

   /tmp/pgplot/makemake /tmp/pgplot linux g77_gcc

5. Run "make" in /usr/local/pgplot .
   Keep in mind that what I will need for PGPLOT
   at the end is only the following four files in
   /usr/local/pgplot. (rgb.txt is there without "make".)

   libpgplot.a, grfont.dat, rgb.txt, pgxwin_server.exe

   So, I only need to

   make libpgplot.a
   make grfont.dat
   make pgxwin_server

   (Simple "make" caused Error for me.)
   Then, clean the target directory /usr/local/pgplot
   make clean
   and delete all the unnecessary files.

6. Set the path.
   Add the target path /usr/local/pgplot in your path list.
   The easiest could be to add /usr/local/pgplot in PATH
   setting in the file "profile" in /etc .

Kyoko Makino
Department of Physics
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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