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Re: I could not build libtool 1.4c under cygwin - help needed!

Ralf Habacker wrote:

>>Correct.  This seems to indicate a messed up cygwin installation, and
>>probably has little to do with libtool itself.  (BTW, libtool-1.4.2
>>builds OOB on cygwin -- but it's 'oldstyle' and uses dlltool to build
>>DLL's and doesn't use the new auto-import/export features of binutils).
> Is there anyone working on this stuff ?

Yes.  That's kinda ALL I've been working on for several months, what 
with autoconf/automake wrapper scripts, pushing and advocating the 
auto-import stuff, etc.  Geez, Ralf, you *know* this...

> I'm asking because for porting kde2 I'm currently I'm working with a "after
> configure patched" libtool and I'm very interessed to get a full working libtool for cygwin.
> Perhaps I can give some
> tip on working while working on the kde2 port.

> BTW: libtool 1.4c does recognize c shared library support, but not for c++. I have looked for
> this but can't find the reason, so this is only a note.

My current plan:
   build libtool 1.4.2 and call it 'libtool-stable' and install into 
/usr/autotool/stable (done).
   build libtool-1.4-robert-collins-hack and call it 'libtool-devel' and 
install into /usr/autotool/devel
   create wrapper package for libtoolize and libtool, call it 'libtool' 
and install into /usr/

   Then let that simmer while trying to forward port the robert-collins 
stuff into libtool-1.5pre (with Robert and Gary's help, hopefully...)

I will probably release all this stuff on my website first, before even 
making it available as an official 'test' release.  Robert's new "merge 
view of setup.ini's" will make this sort of thing easy.


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