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Re: Terminal Servers?

Yes, I'm running on a TS with Citrix.

There are some peculiar things, like it says it's
Administrator that is running even though I don't
have any Administrator rights on that box.

Another thing I noticed was that I was able to 
compile and install the Apache server on Cygwin
and then start up my Apache server, and the server
was bound to port 80 (Which I assumed I wouldn't
have the rights to do as non-Admin).

I don't know if there is a problem in Citrix or just NT foolishness.

I wonder what happens when all the users on the TS thinks of starting
one apache server each, how happy the admin guys of that box will be.
I suppose the first one gets port 80 whomever that will be, it's just
a matter of logging on quickly after a TS reboot.

Btw, I even have installed Xfree and KDE on that Citrix box (I can't say
that I have a hell of performance), but I have used it to showoff at work.
(using it to show cygwin to my fellow Unix admins).

Carlos de Sousa

Adam Miller wrote:
> Hey all,
> Has anyone here tried running Cygwin in an NT terminal
> server environment with Citrix?  If so, did you have
> any problems with it?
> Adam
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