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Q: How do I install a full cygwin with setup.exe? (Did RTFM and STFW)


During the course of my installing I also quickly discovered, that I only
had a very rudimentary set of packages installed.

The FAQ, under "What packages should I install" says: "Just get everything,
if you have room for it." If this is the recommendation, then why isn't it
easy to do?

On previous setup versions there was a Full/Part button (See e.g. so it was possible
to get a full install easily. This is aparently no longer possible. Instead
I had to double-click on each individual non-selected package to get it.
This is an error prone process, especially when there are different
versions of some of the packages.

Is there still a way to easily get a complete installation? I could not
figure out how to do it.

I could not find answers to any of these questions, and I suspect they are
worthy for the documentation or FAQ. (But then of course _my_ questions are
_always_ worthy of that, aren't they? :-)


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