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Re: SCP under SYSTEM

BB> Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2001 07:22:26 -0500
BB> From: Bob Bradford <>
BB> To:
BB> Subject: SCP under SYSTEM
BB> Hi,
BB> I am trying to run an SCP operation as a scheduled operation. It is
BB> convenient to fit this in with existing scheduled batch files using AT,
BB> and it all seems to run except that scp is complaining about keys (key
BB> verification failed message) and does not copy the file. If I run the
BB> bat file by hand as administrator it works fine.
BB> I think the cause is that there are no keys for SYSTEM. The AT command
BB> runs things as SYSTEM. I generated keys for Administrator, but I don't
BB> think those will get used by SYSTEM (true?). So how do I get this script
BB> to work? Can I generate keys for SYSTEM? Can I get it to use the
BB> Administrator keys (note the script must be able to be run by any user,
BB> so I can't force it to just one identity file)?
BB> I can run the thing from cron if cron switches user context, if that is
BB> the only solution. It will just be very inconvenient to have this one
BB> thing scheduled by cron when the rest are scheduled by AT.
BB> Bob

You created the AT job for the SYSTEM account; if you open up the
properties of the AT job, you could change the "Run as" to the
Administrator account.

Also, have you try to setup a one-time-only AT job to run ssh-keygen for
the SYSTEM account?
	at <time> /interactive ssh-keygen

 Hope this helps

 Scott Birl
 UNIX Consultant/Systems Administrator   Computer  Services   Temple University
 1805 North Broad Street  Philadelphia   Pennsylvania 19122   United States

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