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Re: Building Octave-2.1.35 using Cygwin-1.3.3-2

You wrote that you had problems compiling octave-2.1.35 on cygwin, due to a
missing definition of _rl_clear_screen.

The problem is that _rl_clear_screen is "private" and is not exported in
cygreadline.dll.  As you and I both found out, simply removing the leading
underscore is the "Wrong Thing".

There are a number of solutions to this problem, including:
a) building octave without readline support,
b) building your own dll with this symbol exported
c) using the static libreadline.a
d) finding a way to use rl_clear_screen
e) getting someone else to do (b) for you

Option (a) is easy as there is a configure option for this.

Option (c) is pretty easy.  
 Configure octave with "CFLAGS='-DREADLINE_STATIC -O'
 Change -lreadline to /usr/lib/libreadline.a in Makeconf

The rest are left as an exercise.

(Mr) David Billinghurst
Comalco Research Centre
PO Box 316, Thomastown, Vic, Australia, 3074
Phone:	+61 3 9469 0642
FAX:		+61 3 9462 2700

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