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I am trying to run an SCP operation as a scheduled operation. It is 
convenient to fit this in with existing scheduled batch files using AT, 
and it all seems to run except that scp is complaining about keys (key 
verification failed message) and does not copy the file. If I run the 
bat file by hand as administrator it works fine.

I think the cause is that there are no keys for SYSTEM. The AT command 
runs things as SYSTEM. I generated keys for Administrator, but I don't 
think those will get used by SYSTEM (true?). So how do I get this script 
to work? Can I generate keys for SYSTEM? Can I get it to use the 
Administrator keys (note the script must be able to be run by any user, 
so I can't force it to just one identity file)?

I can run the thing from cron if cron switches user context, if that is 
the only solution. It will just be very inconvenient to have this one 
thing scheduled by cron when the rest are scheduled by AT.


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