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Re: Can't run any executable from cygwin/bin

Well, nothing works indeed :-!

The executables in cygwin/bin fall into those categories:

(a) Print nothing and hang, e.g.:
D:\bin\cygwin\bin>.\sort --help

(b) Print nothing and return immediately, e.g.
D:\bin\cygwin\bin>.\less.exe --help

(c) tcsh is in its own class: crashes trying to write some forbidden memory.

All these seem to work on other machines both from bash and DOS. Mistery!

Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> Hello, Ivan :)
> What you mean "ntohing runs" ? Does any of the executables,
> you've tried to run, print an error message ? What does it
> say ?
> Ivan Dobrianov wrote:
> >
> > It's a strange problem: there was a Windows Whistler Server machine (from what I
> > understand this is a beta version of the Windows XP Server OS) which was running
> > cygwin-1.3.N (I forgot exactly, but N=1, 2, or 3).
> >
> > Then the OS was upgraded to the next beta version (I am told that the XP Server
> > has not been released yet). After that upgrade Cygwin and just about anything in
> > the /bin directory just stopped working: bash hangs indefinitely (or very long,
> > w.o. doing anything), cygcheck exits right away w.o. printing anything, tcsh
> > crashes, ls hangs long before not doing anything, etc ....
> >
> > I wiped out the all cygwin reg keys, wiped the whole installation and installed
> > 1.3.4 from scratch (yes, I know that 1.3.5 is the most recent one, but the inst
> > source I used has been used to install on a bunch of XP and 2000 machines around
> > and works there just fine). Same thing - nothing runs!

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