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Re: Cygwin 1.3.5 compatability with MS Windows XP

Stephen Booth wrote:

> Hi,
> Today one of my collegues tried installing Cygwin 1.3.5 and CYGWIN/XFree86 on to
> a Compaq Deskpro EN 733MHz running Microsoft Windows XP RC2.  I have previously
> installed this onto Windows 2000 with no problems.
> Whilst the install seemed to work fine we ran into a couple of problems, i was
> hoping that someone might be able to point us in the direction of where best to
> investigate to resolve it.

There's a buglet in setup.exe that causes new installs to (probably) 
install the wrong (old) version of packages on new installs.  Re-run 
setup and it will correctly upgrade those packages to the current 
(newer) versions.

> Firstly we found that sometimes programs seem to die before they start, that is
> after hitting return at the end of the command line we are returned straight to
> the command prompt without any error messages or other visual indications.  This
> was noted initially with telnet and vi and seemed to resolve it self with no
> indication of how (it wasn't working then suddenly it was) and was seen both at
> the command line and under X-Windows.

Are you running in a bash shell, or are you trying to run cygwin 
programs directly from (or double-click from 
explorer?  THAT won't work...)

> Secondly X-Windows frequently dies when an X application exits or is killed.  I
> have posted separately to the CYGWIN/XFree86 list about this and include it here
> for information only.

Wong list for X related questions.  Go to  But 
make sure non-X stuff works first.


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