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Re: no libtool in cygwin? Was there ever?

Paul Johnson wrote:

> I've used cygwin occassionally for several years, and some things that
> used to work for me don't seem to work anymore.  For example, I tried to
> run the script that comes with Window Maker and it failed,
> saying I must install libtool.
> I can't find a libtool package anywhere in the cygwin servers.  Can
> somebody give me a head's up?
> I realize I can download/install libtool myself, but i wonder why Cygwin
> makes that necessary.

Libtool has never been an official package of cygwin and has never been 
distributed by the cygwin mirror system.  If '' "used to work"
for you, then you must have previously downloaded and installed libtool 
yourself -- we didn't "remove" it.

And yes, we're aware of the lack, and are working to include libtool. 
But there are some important changes that we're trying to get INTO the 
official libtool FIRST, that help it work better on cygwin.

Proof:  all of the changes and cygwin-support that we've pushed into 
autoconf and automake over the past six months, not to mention the new 
wrapper scripts...

Patience, grasshopper.


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