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Multiple cygwin installs

Hello all,

Is there any way to maintain multiple cygwin installs?  I understand that I can
simply install cygwin in a separate directory, but there is one problem I run
into :  the registry.

When you install cygwin, it creates a "Cygnus Solutions" key tree in HKCU and
HKLM.  If you install a second copy of cygwin some place else on a machine,
there are registry conflicts.   Of course, one solution is to install one copy,
and rename the "Cygnus Solutions" key, and install the second copy.  Then,
write a batch script that will rename the key names before running cygwin.  

Is there a better way?  Is there a cygwin.conf file somewhere, where I can
specify the name of the key that the cygwin1.dll uses for the registry db?  Or,
am I stuck with the "Cygnus Solutions" name, unless I recompile the binaries,
or add a patch to make it configurable?

Thanks for the help,

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