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Re: vim doesn't work

Mike Oliver wrote:
> Charles Wilson wrote:
> >
> > Mike Oliver wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > >   "The procedure entry point bind_textdomain_codeset could not be
> > >    located in the dynamic link library cygintl.dll "
> > Run 'cygcheck -c gettext'.  If it doesn't say 0.10.38-2, then you need
> > to upgrade your gettext package.
> Thanks for your help.  cygcheck doesn't seem to know about a -c option.
> However I found these lines in setup.log:

Ah.  Then you are ALSO running an older version of the cygwin package.

>   Installing previous version...contrib/gettext/gettext-0.10.35-2p1.tar.gz
>   Reinstalling previous version...contrib/gettext/gettext-0.10.35-2p1-src.tar.gz
> I do not understand this.  This is an absolutely new installation of
> cygwin; I downloaded everything (including source) from scratch the day
> before yesterday.  How can it happen that I don't have the latest of
> everything?  Did I do something wrong while running setup.exe?

No, there's a misfeature in setup.exe -- when you click the spinner, it
cycles from 'Skip' to 'Prev' to 'Curr' and back to 'Skip'. In other
words, if you "select" a package, the first choice it gives you is the
old version, not the current version.  AFAIRC, this is being fixed.

> (I did notice that sometimes setup.exe gave you more than one choice
> of which version to take, and I tried always to take the latest one
> but could have slipped, I suppose. 

No, you didn't "slip" -- as I said, a misfeature in setup is to blame

> Is there a way to tell it "get
> the latest stable version of everything of which I don't already have the
> latest stable version"? 

Sure -- just run setup again.  Now that *something* is installed, it
will happily recommend that you update those packages.


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