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Re: Restructuring the automake and autoconf packages

> No.  The new path setting is only good for *called*
> processes in the
> same fork/exec chain.  The parent shell's PATH is
> not modified, so once
> 'autoconf' finishes and you drop back into your
> interactive shell, your
> old PATH is back in effect.

Sorry, I must have misunderstood. The message said it
EXPORTs the var - but I haven't yet looked at the
scripts themselves (later) - I assumed it exported it
back to the shell so you could not call the wrapper.

> Yeah, I understand.  Alternatively, you can argue: 
> assume that everyone
> has up to date tools.  Therefore, if you want older
> versions, you must
> AC_PREREQ them.  (Note that our 'devel' tree is
> actually the official
> stable current release, and our 'stable' tree is
> actually the 'old and
> out of date' release.)

I thought that was a funny naming when I read it, but
I can't think of a better one. How about "ancient" and
"current"? :)

The reason for my argument is that I thought AC_PREREQ
was a >= relationship. ie if you PREREQ(2.13), then
anything higher is OK. I don't know how it is
implemented (bad me, never used it myself) - but even
this wouldn't make a lot of sense as 2.52 isn't
backwards compatible.
Like I said, food for thought. Probably not worth
debating though.

> Well, hopefully we'll get there.  I've been running
> into connectivity
> problems (ATT@home) so that's slowed me down a lot.

Sorry to hear that - it's pretty rough. We've lost 2
major ISPs here (none of the cable guys yet though) in
the last year. Luckily wasn't on them. My current one
is a bit of a joke though - regular drop-outs when the
modem shifts speed, if you can even get on at all.
Their solution was to dial a number that locked in
31200 bps!
Good luck...
- Brett

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