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Re: Restructuring the automake and autoconf packages

Brett Porter wrote:
> I have a couple of questions regarding this (apologies
> if already covered - I'm on the digest and only got
> this message on announce).
> Let's see if I understand correctly:
> 1. you run autoconf
> 2. it sets the path based on a wrapper script
> 3. next execution goes to the desired one directly.


> Doesn't this limit you to only running ./configure for
> one package within a single bash shell? (or removing
> the env. variable/modifying PATH). It sounds like a
> good idea for effeciency, but I'm a bit worried about
> the confusion factor.

No.  The new path setting is only good for *called* processes in the
same fork/exec chain.  The parent shell's PATH is not modified, so once
'autoconf' finishes and you drop back into your interactive shell, your
old PATH is back in effect.
> Also, I think you stated the default is autoconf-2.52.
> This seems to be back to front as many old
>'s might not AC_PREREQ(2.13), whereas
> newer ones are probably inclined to AC_PREREQ(2.52)
> since the uptake is lower. I'm not sure I'm right on
> this, really everyone should request what they want
> anyway, but its food for thought.

Yeah, I understand.  Alternatively, you can argue:  assume that everyone
has up to date tools.  Therefore, if you want older versions, you must
AC_PREREQ them.  (Note that our 'devel' tree is actually the official
stable current release, and our 'stable' tree is actually the 'old and
out of date' release.)
> Good work on this - I think it's a great solution to
> the problem for now. A better libtool is worth it.

Well, hopefully we'll get there.  I've been running into connectivity
problems (ATT@home) so that's slowed me down a lot.


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