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Failure in cygwin-1.3.6-1 with remapped "cygdrive"

Regretfully, cygwin1.dll v1.3.6-1 doesn't work correctly on my systems (I
use more than one).  

Attempting to start a bash shell displays "bash.exe: warning: could not find
/tmp, please create!".  The environment seems completely trashed - no cygwin
executables or bash builtins work correctly (i.e. mount, ls, cd, etc).

I have determined that this is most likely because I have used the "mount
-c" option to re-map "cygdrive" as "/" - this meant I could go to specific
drives as "/c", "/d", etc - perhaps not the best way to implement this, but
it did work well until now.

I have verified this by using "mount -c /cygdrive" from a C:\ prompt to
reset back to original behaviour, and bash now starts and works correctly.

Should this be considered a bug in v1.3.6-1, or a "feature", or simply
listed as a caveat (i.e. DON'T map /cygdrive to /).  I could create
individual mappings (/c, /d, etc) for the drives I use most frequently - but
to be honest, mapping cygdrive as / was good as my drive letters on the LAN
are very flexible and dynamic.

Thanks for the good work so far, however!

James Roberts-Thomson

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