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Re: Old Thread: Cygwin Performance

cygwin should have made some improvements in piping since then.  Amazing the
things I had time to do last year.  At that time, I got over  a few of the
linux specific functions by the use of Chuck Wilson's useful packages, some
of which should be integrated into cygwin now.  I commented out sections of
lmbench which I couldn't figure out how to port.  This would be a useful
port, particularly in view of the new performance issues brought up by XP.
However, several of the organizations involved in lmbench are trying to stay
clear of Bill Gates' vendetta against use of open software together with his
products.  I was not employed by such an organization at the time I was
beating on lmbench.
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From: "Piyush Kumar" <>
To: "Cygwin@Cygwin. Com" <>
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 6:49 AM
Subject: Old Thread: Cygwin Performance

> I picked this old thread from Oct 2000!!!
> Tim reports that cygwin falls short by
> performance compared to linux box by a
> factor of 2 using lmbench. Is it still
> the case? Or have things improved since
> Oct 13(Unlucky date!! ;)??
> I was trying to compile lmbench 2.0 (Patch 2)
> on my cygwin , no luck!!!! I couldnt compile it!
> Anyone here has tried it before ?? Any luck?
> I would be really interested in a lmbench port
> on cygwin! If someone has already done it , please
> let me know!
> Thanks,
> --Piyush
> =============================================================An Old Thread
> Re: Cygwin Performance Info
> To: <cygwin at sourceware dot cygnus dot com>, "Chris Abbey" <cabbey at
> chartermi dot net>
> Subject: Re: Cygwin Performance Info
> From: "Tim Prince" <tprince at computer dot org>
> Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 19:12:40 -0700
> References: <>
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> When I attempted to run lmbench on this old box both under linux and cygwi
> there were some tests on which cygwin/w2k fell short of linux by a factor
> 2 or more (opening files, pipe throughput, and the like), and then there
> were the cache statistics on which cygwin beat linux by a small margin.  I
> was expecting lmbench to become better adapted to cygwin, but I have no
> there.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Chris Abbey" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Friday, October 13, 2000 4:51 PM
> Subject: Re: Cygwin Performance Info
> > At 19:23 10/13/00 -0400, Laurence F. Wood wrote:
> > >Can someone tell me where the performance hit is in cygwin unix
> > >emulation?
> >
> > whichever part you use the most inside your tightest inner loop.
> >
> > seriously.
> >
> > that's a big huge open ended question (not about cygwin, about ANY
> > library/platform) that is as specific to your application as you can
> > get. For example, if you spend 75% of your computing day manipulating
> > text files and piping them and greping them and running file utils
> > against them then the cr/lf translation may be a big hit for you.
> > On the otherhand if most of your computation in a day is spent answering
> > requests that come in on tcp/ip sockets then the remapping of winsock
> > to netinet.h functions maybe your major headache. (note, I'm not trying
> > to imply that either function has a performance problem, merely that
> > would be representative places that would have high invocation counts
> > in the course of the given activity.)
> >
> > To really answer that for your application/workload then you need to
> > get some form of performance detailing that can tell you how much time
> > you are spending in any given method and how often it's called.
> >
> >
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