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Re: cygrunsrv sshd fails: Some clues


well, more stuff. This is getting stranger by the minute.

 >The problem may not be XP specific, but it does seem to not be just sshd 
or cygrunsrv, since other people have it working on XP, Win2k, etc. My WG 
is that there is some sort of >setting on Win2k or XP that decides how it 
will start/handle services, and that setting on your machine isn't 
kopasetic with sshd/cygrunsrv. I just have no idea what the setting >might 
be :-)

I have an inkling now. Because, you see, sshd starts up fine now. Yay! 

And the only thing that changed, really, other than me creating and 
deleting a bunch of services called sshd2 and sshdtest (Firedaemon and 
srvany tests), was that I inadvertently had the Firedaemon UI create a 
service called sshd (which already existed), so the sshd service now has a 
'Description'. I can't see that there were any other changes to the 
service;  which doesn't mean there weren't any, of course, just that I 
can't see them.

Could some of the gals and guys who have the same problem try adding a 
Description to the service via regedit, see whether it starts up then?

Not that that makes any sense as a solution, mind you ...

>Have you tried starting other cygwin services, like inetd? I don't 
>remember if we discussed it before, but it might be a helpful test to see 
>if inetd works or not- inetd installs as a service differently than sshd 
>IIRC, inetd --install-as-service.

Yes, I have tried inetd, both on this machine and on a Win2k machine. What 
do you know, it refuses to start.
- Does not start automatically, timeout message in log
- Does not start manually as a service, comes back almost immediately with 
service not responding, log shows a 30000ms timeout (which is obviously bogus)
- When started as /usr/sbin/inetd, does not show up in ps -ef ... which 
means it never runs?

I do notice that while sshd has cygrunsrv as the executable, inetd lists 
itself (c:\cygwin\usr\sbin\inetd.exe) as the executable to be started as a 
service. Is this the way it's supposed to be? Shouldn't inetd also use 

>I guess that your "Cygwin SSHD" service should start cygrunsrv, and then
>cygrunsrv should take the path to sshd as an argument.

That's the way it is installed, yes; actually I did not have to make any 
changes to make it that way.


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