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Re: Unix/DOS text mode?

The default value of "fileformats" depends on whether the "compatible" 
option is set.
If it is, then fileformats="", so file format autodetection is disabled.
If it isn't, then fileformats="unix,dos".
(This is for the UNIX version (including Cygwin).  The Windoze native 
version uses "dos,unix" in both cases.)

If a .vimrc exists, even if it is empty, "nocompatible" will be set, 
otherwise "compatible" will be set.

So, a default installation of vim on Cygwin will not enable file format 

(Source: ":help compatible".)


  - Michael

At 20:07 22-11-2001, Joshua wrote:
>Corinna et al,
>Strangely enough, my vim does *not* start up with the
>fileformats=dos,unix option either.  However, adding
>that switch to .vimrc does the trick.  I wonder where
>your installation is getting that option set at?
>From: Corinna Vinschen <cygwin at cygwin dot com>
>To: cygwin <cygwin at cygwin dot com>
>Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 11:16:43 +0100
>Subject: Re: Unix/DOS text mode?
>On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 10:43:29AM +0100, Bjoern Kahl
>AG Resy wrote:
> >
> >  Hallo !
> >
> > On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >
> > On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 07:54:47PM -0600, Joshua
> > > >     I think I'm being a bit dense on this issue
>for which I apologize.  What
> > > > option needs to be set to have the
>Cygwin-packaged vim autodetect
> > > > binary/text files and edit/save accordingly?  My
>.vimrc is a binary file,
> >
> > > Nothing.  It should work automagically.  Which it
>does on my system.
> > > I've just tested it explicitely since your
>postings made me nervous.
> >
> >  Hmm. At least for the version I installed last
>friday (using
> >  "install now" (aka setup) on the cygwin site) did
>*not* work.
> >  I have had to copy
>"/usr/share/vimv/im60/vimrc_example" as
> >  ".vimrc" to my $HOME and add the line "set
> >  under the line "set nocompatible".
>Interesting.  I have no such option set explicitely.
>When opening
>vi and then call `:set fileformats', the output is
>   fileformats=unix,dos
>And this is the default setting on Unix systems.
>Cygwin is treated as
>a Unix system by vim.
> > > However, the unix/dos file recognition works based
>on examining only
> > > the first line, AFAIK, so if the first line has
>only a LF instead of
> > > an CRLF for some reason, vim treats the file as
>unixy.  Then you see
> > > the ^M beginning with line 2.
> >
> >  My english is somewhat limited, but as I understand
>the "options.txt"
> >  in vim doc-folder, vim reads the whole file dicides
>on how many <CR>,
> >  <CR><NL> and >NL> it found. (However, that chapter
>in the docs is not
> >  really clear to me).
>You're right.  It examines the whole file but the
>notes are clear:
>- If _all_ lines end in CRLF, it's treated as dos
>- If _one_ line is found with only a LF, unix is
>preferred over dos.
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