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setup test #5 - RC1

Ok, I've tweaked the screen size for those poor 640x480 users, and
renamed "Required" to "Base" internally.

As far as I'm concerned there are no remaining 'blocker' bugs. The src
issue sounds like it's not a major concern, and there *already is* a
visual hint as to the mode of the view button. (Middle top of the

That might be better on the right hand side though, which I'm very
willing to do. I recall putting it in the middle for what seemed like
sensible reasons at the time :}.

So the next step, barring someone finding new bugs in setup.exe is the
creation of a 'correct' setup.ini.

Anyone who wants to try out the new setup.exe and look for bugs, please
feel free. Feedback to this list as usual.

At this point, the more testers the merrier - folk who blindly update
and aren't on this list will be much less prepared than anyone whos
followed this thread...

NOTE: packages in categories that you don't agree with IS NOT A BUG.

Packages in categories different to those listed in setup.ini is a bug.


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