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Re: Cygwin Python -- Thread or not to thread...

On Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 05:17:47PM -0400, Tim Peters wrote:
> [Jason Tishler]
> >     Should I still release my next Cygwin Python distribution with
> >     threading enabled?  Or, should I continue to disabled threading
> >     until the above known Cygwin pthreads issue is resolved?

Thanks to all that responded -- I appreciate your input, time, and help.

> > The more conservative approach is to continue to release Cygwin Python
> > with threading disabled until the known Cygwin pthreads issue is
> > resolved.
> AKA "the user-friendly" approach.  Spell out in the README that users who
> don't mind losing their hair are encouraged to build and test with thread
> support enabled.  A few will, most won't, and that's how it should be when
> it's known to be buggy; the good news is that the few who do try it will be
> much more likely to be motivated and helpful.

I will heed Tim's (and others) advice and continue to distribute Cygwin
Python *without* threading until all known Cygwin pthreads issues have
been resolved.

As a consolation prize, I offer the following enhancements to my Cygwin
Python distribution in lieu of threading:

    _tkinter module
    resource module
    time.strftime fix
    select.poll fix


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