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Mobile install

I'm trying to figure out a way to install Cygwin onto a Zip disk so that
it is completely INDEPENDENT of the OS. That is, no need to register
DLL's, etc. Anything that would take ANY sort of worthwhile permissions.
All of the machines it would be used on would be W2K machines. The
problem is that the labs at my place of "higher learning" are quite
locked down for fear of nasty "hacker types" getting into their systems.
Cmd.exe is locked, but apparently only through file permissions., however, is still accessible. If necessary, I can put a
cmd.exe on the zip disk to use in place of the one that's actually on
the HD. The idea is to go up to any lab computer, pop in the zip disk,
and start working in Cygwin. I mainly need Perl, GCC, and Emacs to work.
I've got NT emacs which will work fine without needing to do anything
with the OS. The only catch is will Perl, GCC, and the basics (ls, man,
etc.) work without a problem, and how to set up the disk for such. I'm
guessing that I can just put cygwin1.dll in the cygwin root. Anything
else I need to be aware of. Thanks for any and all help. :)


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