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1.3.2: Vim cursor position incorrect in bash on Win 2k


Roger Twede on June 19, 2001 (below) expertly describes a problem 
and its solution.  My problem is exactly his, but I don't think 
the solution applies.  As far as I can tell the NuTCracker Operating 
Environment is what the mks toolset evolved into and I don't have 
that.  Any other ideas?


>This problem appears to originate when NuTCracker is installed on the
>system. By uninstalling the NuTCracker Operating Environment the vi sessions and
>cursor positions began to function normally.
>> Host: 	MS Windows 2000 Professional
>> 	5.00.2195
>> 	Service Pack 2
>> 	x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping
>> 	6
>> 	AT/AT Compatible
>> 	256 MB Ram
>> Cygwin: Newly downloaded fresh from using setup.exe -----  DLL
>> version 1.3.2
>> Problem:
>> After starting the vi editor the cursor remains in the top left corner
>> when inserting characters, effectively overwriting each typed character
>> over the previous one.
>> The characters will get inserted in memory and can then be saved, but the
>> editing is not visible since it all happens in a single character
>> location.
>> The cursor coordinates on the bottom line update just fine to display the
>> cursor location (ie 5,23).
>> If a file is opened which is larger than a single screen and one attempts
>> to scroll down (using 'j' for example) the cursor coordinates change.
>> When the cursor position reaches what should be the bottom of the window
>> the last line or two of text are updated and "scroll" through the file
>> lines while the upper majority of the window remains unchanged and
>> displays always the initial top lines of the file.
>> If the full window is forced to change (ie jump to end of file) the vi
>> window shows the lines at the end of the file correctly, however the
>> cursor still remains in the upper left corner (does not move to the end of
>> the file)
>> Scrolling up seems to cause a full update of all lines and therefore the
>> correct text is displayed.
>> This may have more to do with Win 2k than CygWin itself.
>> We have seen Cygwin VIM function properly on one Win 2k system and exhibit
>> this problem on the second one we installed it on but have no clue as to
>> why Cygwin exhibits this behavior on the second.
>> Are there known incompatibilities with other possibly installed packages
>> on Win 2k?
>> Thanks,
>> Roger

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