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Re: Windows 2000: "WARNING: terminal is not fully functional" and pro blems with vi

Where did you include the cygcheck output?  (If it's an attachment, it didn't make
it through...)

A couple of things to check.  What is the value of $TERM?  You can check this either
doing an 'echo $TERM', or doing an 'infocmp'.
What are the first couple of lines of output from the 'infocmp' command?
(Mine looks like this:
#       Reconstructed via infocmp from file: /usr/share/terminfo/c/cygwin
cygwin|ansi emulation for Cygwin,

It sounds like you either have a funky terminal type set, or your aren't finding
your terminfo database.  'infocmp' will help you determine that....

On Fri, 31 Aug 2001 09:59:04 -0400, Schmiederer, John \(CRD\) wrote:

>	As of a couple days ago, my cygwin terminal has been acting up.  Whenever I use the 'less'
>command I get the warning that my terminal is not fully functional.  When I use vi, the cursor never
>moves from the top left corner.  I can type the command to go to line five and then insert or delete
>characters, but I can't see my self doing it.  Also, the colors for vi variables and comments and
>everything else changed.
>	I first noticed the problem after I installed both Matlab and Rational Rose software.  I have
>tried uninstalling, and reinstalling cygwin, but I still get the same error.  I have also included
>the output of 'cygcheck -s -v -r'. 
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