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Concurrency Problem

Hi everybody,

I'm migrating several C++ based programs from Watcom 10.5 to Cygnus 

After some steps and hard working I've got the code compiled and 
executed. This is a server software to server in a Client/Server 
structure.When I test it with only a client, it seems to work properly. 
But when I add more than a user I get an access violation.

I've investigating several days what's the origin of the error and don't 
have an answer yet. I've been using Cygnus 1.1.4 at first, and Cygnus 
1.3.2 at last with identical results.

I have a static function, reentrant from different threads:

RETVOID McSessHndlr::SessionHandler(void *arglist)
 McSessHndlr *SessHndlr = (McSessHndlr *)arglist;
 int rc;
 long DatSz;

 // Este flag es para manejar excepciones en Windows NT con
 // el Watcom 11.0.  Con otras configuraciones, se maneja como
 // antes.
 if (!SessHndlr->handlingException)

     // Alocamos un objeto para manejar los mensajes.
     SessHndlr->MsgHndlr = GetMsgHndlr(SessHndlr->TipoMsgHndlr);

     // Nos preparamos para excepciones.
     int          ExcptFlg;
          #ifdef __OS2__           McExcptHndlr ExcptHndlr((ERR) 
GenericHandler, 0);
     McExcptHndlr *PExcpt = &ExcptHndlr;
     ExcptFlg = MCSETJUMP(PExcpt);
          ExcptFlg = 0;

     // Si no estamos aqui debido a una excepcion ... (operacion normal)
     if (!ExcptFlg)
         {             // Quedamos en un bucle de recibir petición, 
procesarla, y enviar
         // respuesta.
         while (1)
             // Esperar la recepción de un mensaje en la sesión del 
             if (SessHndlr->ReceiveFlg)
                 rc = SessHndlr->Servicio->Receive(
                                         (unsigned char)SessHndlr->Session,
                 rc = SessHndlr->Servicio->ReceiveAny(

             // Si no hemos recibido un mensaje, salimos.
             if (rc == -1)
                 SessHndlr->Session = 0;
             else DatSz = rc;

             // En el caso de ReceiveAny, tenemos que saber de que sesion
             // ha venido el mensaje.
             if (!SessHndlr->ReceiveFlg) SessHndlr->Session = rc;

             // Procesamos el mensaje.  Si no hay respuesta, salimos.
                                <----------------- Here is the problem
             if (!SessHndlr->MsgHndlr->RespSz) break;
                  // Enviar la respuesta al cliente.
             rc = SessHndlr->Servicio->Send((unsigned 
             if (rc) break;

             memset(SessHndlr->MsgHndlr->Buf, 0, 

     // Quitamos el manejador de excepciones.
     #ifdef __OS2__


 // Ahora con Watcom 11.0 en Windows NT, llegamos aqui cuando hay
 // una excepcion.  Llegamos aqui en una segunda llamada a la rutina.

 // Si estamos aqui, se ha cerrado la conexion o hay una excepcion.
 // Llamamos a todos los destuctores.
 delete SessHndlr;
 int ret = 0;
 McExit(0, ret);  // Salimos de este thread.


int McPetHndlr::MessageHandler(long DatSz, McSock *SockIn)
 int rc;

 DatSz = DatSz;  // Evitamos warning.

 // Si es el primer mensaje, inicializamos.
 if (FirstTime)
     FirstTime = 0;
     rc = Inicializar(Mcs.CnxHndlr, Buf, SockIn, 0);
     if (rc == 0)
         return (RespSz = 0);

 // Creamos y tratamos la petición.
 McPet Pet(Usuario, Buf, PETBFSZ, SockIn);
 RespSz = Pet.Tratar();

 // Actualizamos la informacion de este usuario.

 return (RespSz);            <----------------   Here is the access 

I always get an access violation in this line I've never got using other 
compilers. The last one is Watcom 10.5, but I could talk about VisualAge 
or Borland, too.

Things I'tested:

 - Add a semaphore into the function closing all code except return 
(RespSz). It fails
 - Include McPet destructor into the semaphore. It fails
 - Add the semaphore out of the function. (In SessionHandler). It works 

I've tested many more things, but before sending or explaining further 
(not easy) , I'd like to know if there's any known difference beetween 
these two compilers, refered to the following subjetcs:

 - Re-entrance
 - Thread management
 - Static functions

I must say that, at the moment, I could solve the situation setting a 
semaphore out of the function, but obviously slowing the response time 
to clients petitions.

Thanks in advance, Ignasi Villagrasa.

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