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press for cygwin

I emailed the author-

I read your cygwin/OpenSSH article at

I didn't care for it. You are proposing an unsupported method 
to install the cygwin toolset- even without this press for cygwin, 
the cygwin mailing list gets an email a week about "I installed 
with winzip, and something doesn't work." Many of the developers 
are tired of answering people who don't follow basic directions 
that are there for good reasons- winzip can't handle necessary 
things like symlinks- and sometimes they are a little curt with 
people who have cygwin problems and have shot themselves in 
the foot by performing a half-baked install. 

You might want to check the archives of the cygwin mailing 
list to see the numerous messages about broken installs due 
to not following directions. 

Also- you don't mention setting the CYGWIN variable to "ntsec", 
which I believe is required based on the openssh-2.9p2.readme 
(for sshd to work or be secure). 

You are setting a lot of people up for frustration and failure by 
recommending an incomplete/unsupported installation of these tools-
when installed correctly, the cygwin toolset is fantastic. 

Maybe you should read and point people to
It has an excellent cygwin and ssh setup section, and ssh mailing list.
Of course, YOU probably won't get all the pleas for help from people 
following your directions- the cygwin list/developers will.

I think you should more carefully consider the implications of your article
before you 
let someone publish it. "Does a man build a tower without first considering 
whether he has the time and materials to build it?" I forget what verse that

Even though I disagree with you on the article, 
I want to thank you for helping out with


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