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Re: "Open bash shell here" shell extension

Could this info be added to the FAQ?  Perhaps in a new section, something
like "Getting the Most Out Of Cygwin"?  Or, in response to the probable
response, who do I send the patch to?

> thank you!!!! for the guidance --- a little
> modification yields

> bash.exe -c 'cd "%1"; exec rxvt -sr -sl 2500 -fg
> lightblue -geometry 80x25 -bg midnightblue -sb -e
> bash'

> which is my 'standard' terminal window opened in the
> selected folder

--- Tehmul Ghyara <> wrote:
> >Something like "Command Prompt Here" from
> Microsoft's
> >Power Toys
> >does?
> >
> >Is there a way to do that? That would be veery
> handy.
> >Thanks for any help.
> >Oliver
> Try this.  Open Explorer, click View->Options, or
> Tools->Folder Options in W2k,
> click File Types,
> locate the item that says Folder,
> click Edit, or if using W2k, click Advanced
> click New,
> In the Action field, put in 'Bash here'
> In the Application field, put in
> bash -c 'cd "%1"; exec bash'
> Click Ok.
> That ought to do it hopefully.
> Ciao and regards
> TG
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