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Re: cygwin on XP - a POLL.....

Rather than gather this information informally, via the newslist
(And eating up the bandwidth), I would like to propose a poll.  
I will even volunteer to gather the results, correlate them, and
publish them sometime early next week.

So, if you are running Windows XP in any flavor (beta 1/2, RC1/2, etc),
and you have a couple of minutes, are feeling charitable, and would
like to have a voice in the XP issue, please fill this out, and 
SEND IT TO ME!!!.  Do not CC the newsgroup.  I will correlate the
results and publish.  And if opinion wishes, then I will send out a digest
version of all the emails I receive.


1.  What version of Windows XP are you currently running:

2:  What version of Cygwin are you currently running (uname -a):

3:  How did you install Windows XP (fresh/upgrade).  If upgrade, what was
    your previous OS?

4:  Do ALL of the cygwin applications you have used work correctly?

5:  If 4 was No, list the apps that have NOT worked, and a brief description
     of their failure:

6:  Would you like to see all the poll results in a digest type message?

Please feel free to add any additional information or opinions I haven't asked for,
but remember, there will probably (hopefully?) be many responses, and one 
person (me) reading them, so if it's too wordy, I may miss something.

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001 05:03:20 -0700, Bob Sandefur wrote:

> For about a month I have been running cygwin on Release candidate 1 from MSDN professional subscriptions,
> cygwin works  for me so far but I only use the shell, shell scripts, awk and sed on a
>regular basis (gcc and g77 are okay as far as I have used
>them) and the cygwin installer happly updated my windows XP cygwin carry over from 2000.
>However according to the web page:
>The Cygwin environment works under all modern versions of Windows except Windows CE and (currently) Windows XP, although we will probably fix this when XP is released commercially. 
>I searched the mailing list but found nothing on failures associated with XP. Could some one point out the danger areas?
>Plz reply to me directly as I am not on the list.
>Robert (Bob) L Sandefur 
>Principal Geostatistician
>Pincock Allen & Holt (A Hart Crowser Company)
> International Minerals Consultants
> 274 Union Suite 200
> Lakewood CO 80228
> 303 914-4467  v
> 303 987-8907 f
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