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Re: cygwin1.dll

Neil Lunn a e'crit:

> Probably becuase of the original question mentioning Windows ME is why I
> said this. Look around and I'm sure you'll find it. It can't hurt to
> understand a little bit about windows, otherwise why use it?

Thanks. I did look, but will look more. :)

> I'd like to know what peoples exact facination with putting cygwin1.dll in
> their Windows system directory is anyway. This should only ever be needed

The reason is as follows. I am given a Window 98 machine at work to
perform certain tasks. I am not at liberty to make any major changes
to the OS installation or the software. However, I decided to install
cygwin so I can have tools in addition to what's there. And I have
thus far found it useful to be able to run little sed scripts, using
grep, etc. So I started building a collection of tools for what I
do. But it's best that I not write them as shell scripts since I am
the only one at work who has cygwin installed. For the sake of sharing
my tools with others, I've decided to write them in C. However,
the C programs compiled with gcc under cygwin won't run outside of
cygwin unless it can find the dll, hence my original question. Even if
I end up having to install cygwin on all the machines at work to be
able to run these programs, it would still be beneficial to run them
without starting the cygwin shell window because my coworkers don't
care to use bash or tcsh. All they want is to run the programs.

As for "why use it", not everyone uses computers by choice. :)

Thanks a lot again. Regards. :)

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